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19 July 2011 @ 02:10 pm
I feel like I've gotten past the point of complaining about my graduate school department just because I am a tired and overworked student. Yes, it has its flaws. Yes, I think there are some real issues with some of the faculty members. Yes, I have called the program "bush league" despite it's national ranking. I came to this school because it was inexpensive, had a good reputation for students passing national exams with flying colors, and seemed like a pretty stable choice as part of the UNC system. With my undergrad at a no-name school, I figured it would at least help to have my graduate work at a place that people had actually heard of before.  Anywho...

Today I'm complaining because the department can be so damn disorganized. Maybe it's the new department chair...I don't know.  Maybe counselors aren't build to be administrators. In any event, we got an email about the comprehensive exams a couple of months ago, telling us what to expect, some suggestions for how to study, and when the application/payment was due.  I had two months to come up with the $40 for this exam that will technically let me pass grad school. Just today, I get an email about the national exam that is in October. When is the application due? Four days from now. How much does it cost? $300.  I feel like it makes no sense to give students two months to come up with a couple of Jacksons, but then only four days to come up with a few Benjamins.

We're graduate students. Most of us are poor. Really poor. We have to budget shit. Cut us a break here, and give us a heads up!