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12 March 2011 @ 09:54 pm
considering a "shit my spouse does" twitter.  
I am not for want of entertainment. THAT is for sure. People talk about a lot of things when they talk about marriages--the gushy love, the constant fighting, the annoying habits of their spouses, and sometimes the desire for all-out baby-making. Marriage can be all of those things, but I think it gets a bad rep. in the day-to-day department. My marriage is hardly perfect or ideal. Yes, sometimes the thought of cleaning up someone else's dishes ONE MORE TIME makes me want to have a few too many drinks. (If we haven't already covered this, my go-to coping mechanisms are usually sleep and alcohol. One is usually much more entertaining than the other.) But, the day-in-day-out hilarity of living with another human being is something people don't really talk about with marriage.

Yesterday, Paul decided to make burritos for lunch. This is a typical meal in our home in that a) it can easily be vegetarian for me b) it requires little to no effort in preparation and c) the closest Chipotle is not within walking distance. After discovering that the rice didn't seem totally cooked through after a run in the ricemaker, Paul transferred it to a saucepan on the stove and returned to his usual position on the couch in front of some broadcast of a commentated Starcraft 2 game. (This is another topic altogether.)  I am startled in the middle of my researching to the sound of the smoke detector in the living room. I had already removed the one from the kitchen, so I knew it had to be bad. There was smoke billowing from the kitchen, and I watched Paul go dashing in there to save the burrito food. I started opening windows and doors (much to the delight of the kittens), and I heard Paul chime from the kitchen in a rather sing-song-y voice, "It's done!" Apparently instead of setting a timer, it's easier to wait for the smoke detector to sound. Back to our laptops, we sat and ate our burritos in a smoke-filled apartment. They were quite tasty.

There's something everyday. Today it was the moment (ten minutes before I had to leave for work) that Paul decided he had changed his mind about driving me to work. Despite having assured me of his total ability to get up and get ready before I needed to go, something about those few precious moments in the morning where he gets to sit in front of his space heater in nothing but underwear always seems to prevent him from ever being on time. He will sit there until the last possible moment when he has to spring up, throw on some mis-matched clothes (this could be a post all on its own) and fumble around for his keys and his glasses to get out the door.  Or, like today, he simply opted to stay in his skivvies. I have never known another man to be so comfortable in just underwear. I actually dread when he gets sick, because he can go for days without putting on real clothing.

My marriage isn't really gushy. It's probably not even healthy. But, it surely is entertaining. It's like becoming best friends with another person's crazy.